“I loved doing the mountain biking day at Sargood. I was so excited about having the chance to ride a bike again and see how it felt pedaling with my arms. I was even a little bit nervous on the inside but Sebastian and the staff were very cool and fun. They knew their bikes and made me feel relaxed. Going over the different terrain and seeing the sights was really freeing. I kind of forgot that I had a spinal cord injury.”

Beau McKelvey is a 12 year old boy who will spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair following a motorbike accident in June this year. Life has asked of him more than most of us will ever have to answer to, and it has asked bucketloads of his mum Lisa and dad Steve, as they and Beau’s four siblings, navigate the new reality that is their life, post Beau’s accident.

Steve has had more than three months off work, Lisa spent the best part of that time in hospital at Beau’s bedside. There were bathroom renovations and a new car that would accommodate a wheelchair, and additions to the house to make it wheelchair accessible.

Beau was able to enjoy some well-deserved time being a kid at Sargood and loved the chance to try mountain biking. We very much look forward to assisting this family to come back and enjoy time together, meet new people and have the comfort of accessibility.

As mum Lisa says “It’s an amazing place!”