Following his injury, DB has been living in an aged care facility as he has been wheelchair bound and requires help for completing his personal care such as getting washed and dressed in the morning.

Thanks to funding from the Sargood Foundation, DB has been able to come to Sargood’s gym and benefit from sessions with our on-site exercise specialists and physios. DB has been a regular, committed presence in the gym at Sargood on Collaroy, attending two to three times a week and has made outstanding progress.

When DB started the gym in May 2021, he was unable to move his right arm and was only able to walk in the parallel bars for 3 metres. DB has worked hard on improving his muscles strength in both his arms and legs and is now able to move his right arm high enough to place it on the handle of a four-wheel walking frame.

He has made great progress and can now use a walker to walk up to 70 metres supervised in the gym. DB continues to work hard in the gym towards his primary goal – to be able to walk in a social setting, such as walking to get a coffee with a friend.