Lee was born in Queensland and grew up playing soccer, surfing, skating riding pushbikes and motorbikes He has always been an active person. Lee moved to Sydney when he was twenty and did an apprenticeship as a printer, he also drove a truck for a period of time.

Lee met his partner Rozina and they have been together for ten years. They have 2 children, Nikola Lee’s stepson who is 13 and Jett who is 5. Lee has continued his hobbies and is particularly passionate about motorcycling and attended track days at eastern creek regularly.

His motorcycle was also his main transport and after going and watching his eldest son play rugby league in April 2015 he was involved in a serious accident, which has left him paralysed from the chest down. Lee spent 3 months in Royal North Shore then a further 2 1/2 months at Royal Rehab Ryde.

Since leaving rehab he has got his license, he swims, surfs, enjoys archery & golf. Lee also intends to modify his motorcycle to go to the racetrack once again.

Lee’s life has completely changed since his accident but he doesn’t want his injury to dictate his life, he intends to continue doing the things he did in his life prior to his injury only a little different

Sargood has allowed Lee and his family to do something many take for granted – go on a holiday.

You really have to plan everything before you go. It’s not a matter of being spontaneous and just going, ‘Okay, let’s go away for the weekend’ or something like that.

Being a surfer previously, personally, it’s having the staff here with the knowledge and ability to take me out into the surf and to be able to go surfing again is a massive thing.Lee

A lot of people don’t understand. They think he’s in a wheelchair, but he can walk into the bathroom, he can step into bed or step into the shower, so it’s complete peace of mind being able to come here and know that every need that Lee may have has been thought of.Rozina, Lee’s partner