Peter & Lynn

Peter suffered a spinal stroke in 2021, followed by nine long months in hospital and rehab.

During this time his wife Lynn had to sell the family home as it was not suitable for Peter to return to and could not be made accessible, and also say goodbye to their well-used caravan and 4WD. The days of being spontaneous and packing up the caravan for a trip around Australia are sadly over for this active and energetic couple who consistently manage to look on the bright side while facing immense setbacks.

One of the things that they have missed most over the last few very difficult years has been the chance to spend time with their family and much-loved grandchildren. After a recent devastating seven-week hospital admission, Peter and Lynne were delighted to spend a few days at Sargood, connecting again with their children and grandkids. Although not feeling up to participating in the activities on offer, family spent quality time watching the ocean and enjoying fish and chips on Collaroy Beach giving this couple a well-deserved break from the stresses of everyday life.

Peter and Lynn were also able to have a session with Rita, our highly experienced nurse, which was extremely helpful after Lynn having to teach herself how to care for her husband due to the COVID restrictions. Alex our Clinical Manager was also very happy to give some direct advice to Peter to help with some of his ongoing issues. Although Peter has adapted well to his new life, the recent hospital stay has set back his progress so he was keen to see how he could recoup some of his gains with the help of our experts here at Sargood.

It was such a pleasure to meet this couple who care so deeply about each other and to pass on their heartfelt thanks to the donors and supporters who have made their stay possible.