Almost every day someone in Australia sustains a spinal cord injury that instantly changes their life and the lives of those who love them

Imagine how it would feel if it was you, or someone you love. For people and families affected by spinal cord injury (SCI), life can be a non-stop challenge.

The Sargood Foundation fundraises to improve the lives of people living with spinal cord injury through our support of Sargood on Collaroy. Our beautiful resort provides guests, their families and/or attendant care workers with much needed respite, refreshment and relaxation. It is also a place of learning, where guests gain confidence, skills and empowerment to live full and rewarding lives.

The Foundation raises funds for Sargood on Collaroy to provide equipment, facilities, and subsidised stays for people who otherwise could not afford this valuable experience.

The Sargood Foundation’s vision is that people living with spinal cord injury are provided with opportunities to live life to the fullest

What We Do

The Sargood Foundation is a DGR registered charity which exists to support and resource the work of Sargood on Collaroy to provide people living with SCI with the opportunities to live life to the fullest, and to plan for the long-term financial viability of the Centre.

The Sargood Foundation seeks to support Sargood on Collaroy by:

  • Providing funding assistance where possible for guest stays for those in need of financial assistance. Generally, guest stays are funded via icare, NDIS or other insurance cover. However, there are some people living with SCI who are not covered by insurance or have any other means of funding a stay.
  • Providing essential equipment to facilitate support activities.
  • Encouraging independent living within the general community.

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