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The journey of a person with a SCI is usually traumatic and incredibly distressing – months in hospital, followed by intensive rehab and a return home that often brings physical and emotional stress, both for the individual and their family. This period can be interminable.

The Sargood Foundation’s mission is to help people move forward and discover a life of opportunity and independence.

The focus at Sargood on Collaroy is on social integration and activity, rather than rehab. While we offer an expert clinical team to meet physical needs, it’s the specialised equipment, design and recreational programs that set Sargood on Collaroy apart and make a stay here such a vital step to getting on with life.

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  • What is paraplegia?

    Paraplegia is paralysis (a varying loss of sensation and movement) in the lower part of the body – the legs, and part or all of the trunk.

  • Can someone with a spinal cord injury live independently?

    Yes. A key function of Sargood on Collaroy is to operate as a place of discovery and learning for people with a spinal cord injury.

    • Occupational Therapy support and services aim to help guests to discover equipment, techniques and strategies to enhance their ability for independent living
    • Vocational consultants help guide those who wish to explore returning to work or study
    • Clinical nurse educators offer specialist education to guests and staff in all aspects of spinal injury
  • What are the key components to increase independence?

    • Physical rehabilitation
    • Dealing with emotional impacts, confidence and self-esteem
    • Managing relationships
    • Learning to use new technologies and tools
    • Developing routines to live independently
    • Moving back to an adapted home
    • Gaining new skills for working life
    • Connecting with the community
    • Peer to peer learning