Our Work

The vision for the Sargood Foundation is to support people with living with spinal cord injury in the endeavour to play an equal role in society by promoting social integration and activity, increasing workforce participation and promoting innovations that enhance independence and confidence.

People living with spinal cord injury often experience isolation. As such, connection during a stay is paramount, with an emphasis on peer support; building a community of people with lived experience of spinal injury; and fostering broader community involvement and initiatives to cater for people with spinal injuries.

The Sargood Foundation may provide funding assistance for Australian residents with SCI who wish to stay at Sargood on Collaroy and are not covered by (or not covered sufficiently by) insurance and do not have the financial means to fund a stay.

Where need can be demonstrated, The Sargood Foundation will consider requests to sponsor a stay for those who face financial hardship, have a particular rehabilitation goal or who are otherwise in need of the services provided by Sargood on Collaroy.

The Sargood Foundation seeks to support Sargood on Collaroy by:

  • Providing financial assistance for a stay for those in need. Most bookings are funded via icare, NDIS or other insurance cover. However, there are some people living with SCI who are not covered by insurance and don’t have the financial means to support a stay. It’s important that potential guests be afforded an opportunity to experience the life-changing benefits of a stay at Sargood on Collaroy.
  • Providing essential equipment to facilitate support activities.
  • Encouraging independent living within the general community.

How to apply for a sponsored stay

If you wish to apply for financial assistance towards your stay from the Sargood Foundation, please action the following:





Please contact Sargood on Collaroy on 02 9984 1100 and ask to be sent a Booking Enquiry Form.

As part of the Booking Enquiry Form you will be asked how you will be funding your stay.

Please select that you would like to apply for financial assistance through the Sargood Foundation.

You will then be asked four questions about your stay:

  1. Why are you applying for financial assistance?
  2. What goals are you looking to achieve by staying at Sargood on Collaroy?
  3. How much can you afford to contribute each night of your stay?
  4. Agree to being contacted by the Sargood Foundation and providing a promotional testimonial about my funded stay.

You may be asked to demonstrate your financial hardship by supplying documents such as a copy of your tax returns showing your household income from the last financial year, a copy of your concession card or other evidence from Centrelink or Government body.

Available dates will be offered by The Sargood Foundation, keeping your preference of dates in mind.

Once we receive this Booking Enquiry Form, Sargood on Collaroy will be in touch with you to notify you regarding the outcome of your application.

The limit of financial assistance to any one individual will be five nights over any three-year period or at the discretion of the Sargood Foundation.

All financial assistance is granted at the discretion of the Sargood Foundation and available funding. No appeal or correspondence will be entered into.

We are committed to protecting your personal information, and ensuring its privacy, accuracy and security. We handle your personal information in a responsible manner and we only use your personal information for the purpose for which it was provided to us, for related purposes (for personal information excluding credit eligibility information), or as required or permitted by law.