I am a C5/6 complete quad, and have been for 31 years. When I first read about Sargood, I thought it looked like a nice place to stay, and had equipment which would save my wife ‘lugging’ it from South Australia.

Once you’ve stayed at Sargood, you’ll realise that Sargood is not just ‘high quality accessible accommodation’. Sargood is therapeutic, but it’s not a rehabilitation hospital; Sargood has professional, friendly staff who understand SCI, but it’s not a specialist clinic; Sargood is situated where you’d expect a 5 star resort to be, but is immersed in a welcoming community. Sargood offers the opportunity to expand your horizons – without worrying about ‘what might go wrong’.

From the time you start the on-line booking process, until to the time you check-out, you will be questioning if the place is ‘for real’. I have never come across this ‘experience’ in my three decades living with SCI.

If you need to get ‘out and about’ – you can do it here; if you need quiet head space with your loved ones and family – you can get it here; if you just need a break from the ‘hum-drum’ of your daily routine without any drama – you will get it here.

The best advice I can give… try it… you’ll move mountains to go back.