Jack came to Sargood with his parents and three brothers and sisters earlier this year, hoping to see what activities might be possible for him to undertake as he adjusts to life with a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI), but also to have a much needed break as a family on the beautiful Northern Beaches.

Living with a recent SCI is hard for a 19 year old, and after being in hospital from May to November, Jack has been getting used to a new way of life. With studies on hold for the time being, on the recommendation of the rehab unit, the family were super interested to discover what activities were available for Jack to try at Sargood.

Jack really enjoyed competing with his two brothers using the new Remote Control cars which have been adapted by our resident OT, David. Despite the weather, our recreation team were able to organise ten pin bowling, X8s along the beach and a trip up to Long Reef with other families. All activities were a great success both in terms of showing Jack what is possible for him but also socially, both for Jack and his family.

Jack’s mum Kate was thrilled to connect with other families living with SCI, “It was really nice just to have someone in the same position to talk with. It feels like we’re part of a community that is outside of the hospital,” she said.

It was especially good for Jack to meet people his own age, with whom he could connect, who could explain things to him and show him new ways of doing things.

Since heading home, Jack’s shown an interest in trying surfing and we look forward to welcoming him back to Sargood another time to give him an introduction to some more new activities that he can enjoy with his peers and family.