Kate and Grant

Nearly 5 months ago, Grant’s bike accident led to him being admitted to the Prince of Wales Spinal Unit, 2 hours away from his family in Kiama. As this was during the height of the COVID lock down, the 3 kids were unable to see their Dad for many months. This meant that Grant was without family support during one of the most challenging times in his life.

The Sargood Foundation, with the support of our partner Royal Rehab worked together to bring this family to Sargood on Collaroy for a long weekend which was just a wonderful chance for them to spend some time together as Grant has another 8 weeks of rehab ahead.

Grant has been working so hard on getting back his independence during his time at POW and his stay at Sargood was a perfect opportunity to trial his routines in a safe and supportive, non medical setting, knowing that he had specialist back up available if he needed it. He was so reassured to find that he was able to do what he needed to without medical support – such a milestone in getting ready to return home.

Grant was able to enjoy some “Daddy/ Daughter” time with his girls and played tennis with them at Collaroy – such a special thing for them after so long apart. As a family they enjoyed just being together, visiting the markets was a highlight (and so nice for them to know in advance that this trip was completely wheelchair accessible).

Kate says “You know, for us to be able to tuck the kids into bed at night was just so lovely”.

Kate and Grant are of course new to the world of spinal cord injury and it was so great for them to meet others in the same situation over coffee and croissants at Sargood on the Sunday morning and just chat and share their experience and build some important social connections. They found the team at Sargood incredibly kind and having explained to Grant how it works to go swimming in the rock pool and kayaking, the family are feeling so confident to try more activities next time they come and we are so looking forward to having this special family back to Sargood.