One of my selfish and internal fears I had as a wife of a new quadriplegic was the idea of never seeing my Australian family again. Travelling from Canada to Australia with kids had always presented it’s challenges, but adding a quadriplegic husband to the mix was more than I thought I could handle. As a homesick Australian who needed my family more than ever after Forrest’s accident, I was feeling depressed and without options.

When talking to my mum about my options she mentioned a new place opening in Collaroy for Spinal Cord Injury folks to stay and play. I had never heard of place like this before. The idea of purpose designed complex with surfing or snorkelling was intriguing to me. I’ll admit I wasn’t sure whether we could afford Sargood either, but I enquired anyway. After talking to Jess and Jody over emails about our financial limitations, I was asked what we could afford and our situation to need to see family. Through the enormously generous funding program offered at Sargood, I could see things coming together for us on this trip.

As we left Canada, and boarded the plane, I felt for the first time that I didn’t have to worry about the place were sleeping next. It was made just for us and we were confident for the first time ever about leaving the security of our comfortable and adapted home.

Arriving at Sargood after 18 hours of flying and 24 hours of travelling was surreal. Calm, peaceful and bright with energy. We were greeted with warm hearts and open hands to help. To be honest it was difficult for me as mum, wife, caregiver and stubbornly independent women to accept the wonderful help that was being offered.

From adjustable height kitchen tops, adjustable beds for easy transfer and care, automated windows and blinds and doors with easy opening features. All of the things we lose when we travel, allowing us to live as if we were in our adapted home.

We have invested every emotional penny we had to recovery and to get to this point in the game. We were finally living again, not just recovering. We could just be…. be relaxed… be free.. be us again.. as family a without the stresses of the unpredictability that comes with disabled travel. Thank you Sargood… your impact on our life will last eternally.

Cassie, Wife