David & Lynlea

“We could never have dreamed of a place like this – thank God it exists!”

Thanks to the support of our community of donors and supporters, David and Lynlea were recipients of a grant to stay at Sargood recently to attend a weekend course.

David has been in hospital for eight long months since his SCI which he sustained in an awful velodrome accident. The family are living with unimaginable stress and in the process of relocating to an apartment – which once modified, will allow David to return to his wife and children.

Their stay at Sargood allowed them to understand what life might be like once David is home. For example, Lynlea had never had the chance to see how a hoist system actually worked in hospital and although the reality of this new life is confronting, with the compassionate support of our wonderful staff, David and Lynlea are feeling a bit more able to face the future.

“It’s the deep compassion of the staff that make Sargood such an extraordinary place, where you are really changing peoples’ lives and making them better.”

Sargood gave this couple a taste of their new reality in a gentle and supported way. Lynlea was able to ask our team many important questions and was supported by Rita our wonderful nurse, who rescheduled her whole day to be able to help Lynlea when she needed it.

“It’s almost as though the staff can read my face and support me on my journey to acceptance.”

Lynlea was so touched by the genuine care and compassion and professional and focused attitude shown by our team.

This, combined with outstanding hospitality, really make Sargood a special place.

“The staff are so passionate about helping people with SCI – it’s almost as though they’re energised by working here.”