Yvonne has been in a chair since the age of 8, however this independent and engaging lady lives alone and manages all her needs without complaint. A recent 9 month stay in hospital set her back and understandably left her feeling low and in need of a break. When the social worker at Prince of Wales suggested that she come to Sargood, she really couldn’t imagine what it would be like. Now she’s here, Yvonne is so happy she took the plunge and organised her first visit.

“I just can’t believe how nice everything is – with such care shown in the design and attention to detail – it’s truly so easy to be here. Sargood is genuinely accessible, but more than that, I wasn’t expecting such a beautiful place.”

The Sargood Foundation was delighted to host Yvonne’s stay with her dear friend of 50 years, Fran. A break by the sea was just what Yvonne needed and with the bonus of her best friend by her side, these ladies were just happy to be here, to enjoy a worry free break, enjoying the local shops, a trip to the farmers markets and a day at nearby Manly.

“When I usually travel, it’s just so hard as I need to take all my equipment and think about things like arranging a hoist and booking a carer, it’s just so much effort. But here at Sargood, everything is already here, it’s just so wonderful not to have to worry about these things and actually enjoy a break.”Yvonne